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Lo frecuentan daddys, osos, y gente de mediana edad liberada. Ese es su encanto y su mayor problema. Se ha convertido en un bar 'old school' y que atrae a gente muy mayor, que vivió la época dorada del 'cruising' callejero. Parece un escenario del comic 'Anarcoma' de Nazario o de la película 'La caza'. Se sale de lo que es habitual en la marca Chueca, lo que le da un aire totalmente 'outsider'.

No en vano muchas de las productoras porno españolas lo han utilizado como escenario de sus películas. En pleno Madrid de los Austrias se encuentra este bar 'fetish' destinado al mundo gay amante del sexo duro. Boyberry es una mezcla explosiva de bar, sex shop y cuarto oscuro. Dos plantas dedicadas al 'cruising', que a pesar de ser oscuras tienen la suficiente visibilidad como para ver y ser visto. Hacen fiestas de apagón total, desnudo, jovencitos y deportes kinky.

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The Meat Rack es un club privado, situado en un enorme garaje de estética industrial. Un garaje totalmente customizado como para parecer un bar 'fetish' de Berlín. Todo tipo de laberintos, redes militares, literas, baño, slings Mi cuenta. Hi, user Desconéctate. Madrid has become such a relevant city in this sense that it now organizes every year the Sleazy Festival, one of the finest appointments for gay cruising lovers from all over Europe with parties, DJs and performances.

Nice boys , very friendly good atmosfer and good drink, Just in case you want good time in Madrid this is the place to be. More details and Reviews. Baranoa 3. If you haven't been here, it's because you don't know which is the best local environment and drag show in Madrid. Don't wait any longer and enjoy with all your team! A wonder of local where the mixture is the kind of performance art of impersonation, pure and simple with his very essence, with the style of drag queens with current shows more contemporaries,you will love it every Gris 3.

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The music is wonderful, the owners are the most courteous and respectful, in addition to the drink is nothing face, are always special. Kavu 4. La Bohemia 2. Terrace in Plaza de Chueca.

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LL Show Bar 3. Misadedoce 4. Charming place, the best thing is excellent service! Good cocktails and a fair price! Good atmosphere and good music. Super friendly staff. It's like being at home, a classic of Madrid. Rimmel Pub 4. Great, wonderful, fantastic service. It's like having a new experience every time you visit Madrid. Sixta 4. Tabata 4. The Paso 4.

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The best place in Madrid, it passes super good. There's good roll with the waiters, has video screens playing music videos and a small dark room in the back. Truco 3. Mainly lesbian bar. Open Tuesday to Saturday from enjoy the best atmosphere, the best music and the best prices!!! Why Not?

  • Sauna Beach, la sauna gay más grande de España está en pleno centro de Madrid;
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Quaint gorgeous little bar that had awesome atmosphere and Caprioska's to die for. Be Yourself 4. Studio 54 4. The place of wonder very good music, good vibe, good people. Nice place in Madrid to have a great time. El Bulldog 3.

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General good crowd, Cocktail bar, meeting place in the neighborhood of Chueca. Bears Bar 4.

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You can probably guess from the name, this is a place mature guys and their admirers. FU3L Bar 4. Best time to go is after midnight. ZARPA 4. Gran local y aun mejor su gente y staff!! Sois geniales!! Fun, friendly atmosphere. Enfrente 4. Very crowded on weekends after midnight. Bambalinas 3. The owners, José Luis and Frieder, make everyone feel welcome from he minute they walk through the door, and by the end of the night you know La Riviera 4.

La Riviera cuenta con los medios técnicos mas modernos y con un equipo de profesionales cualificado para desarrollar cualquier evento sin importar su envergadura. Gay Friendly. Bearbie 3. Dancing, drinking and dark room all in one place! Boite 3. Retro style gay club Mixed, young crowd and friendly staff.

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LOL Cool 4. Two dark rooms if you find the action on the dance floor a bit too tame. Kluster Chango 4. Very popular Saturday-night gay dance party for the macho crowd, at Kluster the party never stops. Baila, Cariño 3. Opens Friday and Saturday nights. Gay Gay Friendly. Delirio 4. Delirio is a good place to go on Thursday nights when many other clubs are closed. Sala Marco Aldany 3. Sala de conciertos por las tardes y por las noches se convierte en un gran Club a partir de PK2 SeXion Wind 4.

Sizeable dark room where guests can poke each other in a strictly non-social media way clubbers seem to have pulled the stick out of their rear end and now looking for something to plug the gap. Paris Tokyo 3. This is the perfect place to kill some time in the post-dinner, pre-club time slot with a cocktail or four.

Wonderfully sceney and in. Attack 3. The original dungeon, full bar, chill-out area, dark room, booths and play zones. Welcome to Attack madrid. The Cage 3. Tu local para cada día, copas a buen precio y el mejor ambiente, sólo o con amigos. The Ring 4. Open Wednesdays through Sundays. Strong Center 4. Dancing, darkrooms and dudes, The best nightclub with dark largest room in Madrid where you can find everything you are looking for.

Hot 4. The bear bars in Chueca!! The staff are fantastic and HOT! A must go for any bear foraging in Madrid. Meeting point for Bears, Chubs, Daddies, and Admirers. Ohm Dance Club 3.